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Field Rules and Management Guide

Barks Field Rules and Management Guide

The objective is to extend the privilege of enjoying the R/C hobby to all members and authorized guests, with maximum emphasis on safety and control. While this guide sets forth Club rules for this objective, nothing herein should overrule common sense and courtesy.


  • All model aircraft operation shall be in accordance with the Official Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Safety Codes and the following Field Rules.
  • Pilots must display a current AMA card.

Radio Control

  • Pilots must NOT turn on transmitter without being in possession of proper frequency paddle.
  • Impound transmitters when NOT in use, and comply with impound rules.

Aircraft Operation

  • Engine break-in and extensive tuning is reserved for the designated “break-in” stations on the south-side (outhouse side) or parking lot.
  • Aircraft with engine displacements exceeding 1.20 cu. in. are required to use the Pit area between the safety fence and runway for engine start-up.
  • Before take-off an aircraft with running engine must be hand carried or hand rolled to the white line on the taxi runway.
  • Upon landing an aircraft the engine should be shut down prior to the white line on the taxi way.
  • Pilots must fly and land from the designated pilot stations with a maximum of four pilots at a time.
  • Do NOT fly over the pit, spectator, or parking areas.

Air Traffic Control

  • Pilots shall pre-announce their intent to enter the runway with plane or person.
  • Pilots shall announce their intent to land.
  • Helicopter and/or fixed wing hovering over the runway is prohibited.
  • Servicing of aircraft while on the runway is prohibited.


  • Spectators must remain behind safety fences and stay clear of the pit areas with the following exceptions:
    • Spectators greater than 12 years old who are escorted by a club member.
    • Spectators 12 years old and younger who are escorted by a parent or guardian, and additionally a club member.
  • Pilots 12 years of age and younger must be under the direct supervision of an adult while in the Pit or Pilot areas.
  • Pets must be leased and confined to the spectator areas.
  • Vehicles are restricted to the access road and parking area.
  • Remove all trash that you generate.

Revision Effective 5/10/2012

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